Gast art!

Client: Alternative Fashion and Art Gallery

Focus: Strengthen Social Media Presence, Focus on Fashion items, Grow Community

Duration: Three Months

Steps taken

1. SWOT Analysis. Getting to know the brand.

2. Competition and Peer Audit. Who are we dealing with?

3. Verbal Audit. What is the tone of voice?


4. Summarize findings. Set up Content Strategy.

  • Vision and Mission
  • Updated input for Graphic Designer
  • Tone of Voice for copywriting 
  • Styling, Photography, Editing style 
  • Determine SEO keywords, set up hashtags

5. Content plan:

  • One Photoshoot a week
  • Two posts a week – One post + One Reel or Two Posts
  • One blog post a week on the website
  • Minimum of one story per day

Company: Denim Laundry

Focus: Strengthen social media presence, share insights about offered services and sustainable practices, grow community

Duration: 12+ months

Content Strategy

  • Vision and Mission
  • Tone of Voice for copywriting 
  • New Corporate Identity set up: Fonts, colors tone of voice 
  • Determine SEO keywords, set up hashtags

Content plan:

  • One post a week – Instagram & LinkedIn
  • 2-3 stories a week
  • A mixture of English and German copywriting to test the waters
  • Recaps at the end of each month



+500 followers in 2024

+300 followers in 2024

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